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WHO ARE Romford Tang Soo Do?

Romford Tang Soo Do is a Martial Arts club specialising in the ancient art of Tang Soo Do. The club is instructed by Master Hartt.
RTSD provides quality instruction in the art of Tang Soo Do, Korean karate. Certified Black Belt instructors help students improve their appreciation of life through the development of physical and mental skills. Embracing Tang Soo Do will lead to a more focused and disciplined outlook on life for Students of all ages. We have witnessed students become stronger mentally, and physically. It is our goal to create a fun environment through centred learning, where instructors and students alike are respected and respectful.
Romford Tang Soo Do is a non profit Martial Arts club : All profit is reinvested into the students of Romford TSD for training and special events.


RTSD will teach you to defend yourself, build your stamina and overall improve yourself as a person. Through gradual progression and attainment of these skills, your personal goals, confidence, self-belief and self-discipline will increase.

Physical fitness is an important part of Tang Soo Do training, promoting the four "S" factors - strength, speed, stamina and suppleness.


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OK, So What is Tang Soo Do ?

Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean Martial Art, whose origins can be tracked back around 2000 years. During this time, the art has evolved into a highly effective self defence and training system. Elements of the training include self defence techniques, forms, semi-contact free sparing, breaking and weapons use.


Meaning of Tang Soo Do ?

Literally translated, the word

 "Tang"  means T'ang Dynasty of China, which reflects the shared cultural background between China and Korea ( 617-907 AD ).

"Soo"  means hand, but it implies fist.


"Do"  means way of life or art. Thus Tang Soo Do means the Korean classical martial art which legendarily was influenced by the T'ang method of martial art.